ForgeBuilder class represents the entry point of a Mithril Shards application, it allows to add a shard by calling the generic AddShard method, with different overloads that accept an optional strongly typed shard setting file with an optional setting file validator.

By using ConfigureLogging it's possible to configure logging, it's basically a wrapper on the inner HostBuilder ConfigureLogging method, you could use it to have a finer control over logging configuration and available providers, but the easier way to log is by using the available SerilogShard that uses Serilog to configure the logging and relies on a configurable setting file where you can specify which sink to use. You can find more details on its specific documentation page and an example of its usage in the example project

After declaring an instance we have to specify which implementation of Forge we want to use. Actually the only available implementation is DefaultForge class.

Last update: 2021-11-06
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