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DevControllerShard is a shard that depends on WebApiShard, it's goal is to inject some useful controllers meant to be used in DEV area.

To add DevControllerShard into the forge you can use the IForgeBuilder extension UseDevController.


This shard register a new ApiServiceDefinition for the dev area, so if you plan implementing a custom feature that aims to add one or more controller to DEV area, remember to add this shard or register yourself the DEV area.

Current available controllers are PeerManagementController, ShardsController and StaticsController.


This controller exposes actions useful to connect or disconnect from a specific peer.
It leverages RequiredConnection service whose task is to periodically try to connect to a issued list of peers.

The list of peers can be issued both by Connect API or by configuration file using the Connect property of ForgeConnectivitySettings settings, used by BedrockNetworkShard.

Last update: 2021-03-31
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